Mini Mart

Mini Mart

 One of the most important projects that are currently under development is  Mini-Mart. It is consisted of shopping chains with a unified character and a unified mechanism specialized in selling general goods according to the needs of the local community. A modern electronic system manages all aspects related to this project.

Mini-Mart project will make a big change to the marketing patterns that we are already used to, as it will contribute mainly to the process of facilitating e-shopping services, in addition to creating job opportunities for the youth and reducing the high unemployment rates.

Minimart employees and its customers will enjoy stores designed in a modern way to keep pace with the development in this category and the goods trading, which will increase both the welfare rates and the value of these services provided.

Mini-Mart will help you find everything you are looking for in one place, due to the strategy followed when it comes to providing the largest number of products in all categories in this chain of stores.   All stores affiliated with the Mini-Mart project will be subject to our Mini-Mart franchise, whereby all the employees are subject to certain health and operational controls.

Our goal is that both the buyer and seller feel comfortable being part of the Mini-Mart project.