E – Murabaha

E – Murabaha

Effortless, timeless.

This service is a recent development of ours in MIZA, and it aims to digitize Murabaha contracts, away from all the old-fashioned transactions that usually take a very long time.

Transferring loan and Murabaha contracts to digital contracts contributes to providing more efficient and easy offers through the implementation of Murabaha contracts at MIZA’s points of sale, which will cost less and is not time consuming when managing traditional murabaha contracts.

we make all these steps related to transferring your assets from your account as a trader to the bank and to eventually get to the consumers easier; instead of appointing agents by the bank to manage all acquisitions and change of ownership, and such transactions.  Through this advanced technological process, we guarantee you a smoother and more accurate experience in managing loan and Murabaha affairs, in addition to performing all these operations that may take you weeks, in minutes.

Choose the shorter way, go with E-Murabaha.